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IPFW Women’s Soccer Defeats Loyola


Photo credit: Sean O'Leary

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Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 25, 2014

Mahir Almandil

IPFW women’s soccer team defeated Loyola of Chicago at their home field on Sunday afternoon.  After 26 minutes of tense  defending, Mayson Whitman, number nine, put her team in the lead. Whitman, from Fort Wayne, was able to stroke a ball powerful enough to beat the keeper’s gloves, and into the 90-degrees angle of the net.

For the mastodon girls, the game was just then starting. A minute later  Kallianne Moger, player  number seven,  was able to pass a ball across the box, and into bottom of Kassidy Simpkins’s cleats. Simpkins was able to slide kick the ball, passing the keeper and into the net. Before the half called to an end, the girls were in the lead 2-0 against the Ramblers.

After the start of the second half, the Ramblers were back to fight for the win at their home field. The Mastodons defense protected their goal, and the offense pushed back. Eventually, after 19 Ramblers shots, and 8 Mastodons saves, the opponent team was able to make a goal through a corner kick. Assist by Shelby Koch, Gonyo Valerie was able to beat the keeper to a lower right corner of the net.

After a heated 90 minutes of the match free of penalties and risen cards, the referee’s final whistle announced the end of the match. The Mastodons was able to take down Loyola 2-0. While Sam Pavlika, garding the net, saving eight shots,  the offense was able to strike 10.

With a win behind their back, the girls are now on the bus, heading to Indiana State. The IPFW Mastodons will face the Indiana State Sycamores, on Sept. 28.