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IPSFA Senate Overrides Veto On $7,350 Funding Request

Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 10, 2014

Aaron Stevens

The IPSGA Senate overrode a veto on a $7,350 funding request from the American Society of Civil Engineers for materials for the concrete canoe and steel bridge to bring to competition.

Monday, ASCE President James Reitz along with the Treasurer Nick Burlage, Concrete Canoe Captain Alexandra Carlsgaard, and Steel Bridge Captain Cristin Gimbel tried to convince the Senate to override the veto that IPSGA Wade Smith placed on the proposal.

Two weeks ago, the Senate approved the $7,350 funding for the ASCE to do the concrete canoe and steel bridge, Reitz said the club needs concrete, steel, fasteners, displays, and paints to complete the projects for the competition this spring in South Bend.

Smith’s reasoning for vetoing the proposal was it included travel expenses for the ASCE to go to competition. Travel expenses are not supposed to be given out because of the newly formed Travel Committee. The committee has strict rules on how to give out funding for travel. Smith thought that ASCE proposal was asking for funding along with materials.

Reitz believes that Smith misinterpreted the proposal. “I would have rather seen myself called into the meeting to make a clarification before he vetoed our bill.” Reitz said. “Ultimately, the same information was said for a second time. I do not think we needed to consume a majority of the meeting to clarity this. It could have been discussed during the first meeting as well. Either way, I appreciate him supporting what we do, it was just something that was not completely clear.”

Reitz, Burlage, Carlsgaard, and Gimbel each answered questions asked by the Senate and cleared up all gray areas that they saw in the proposal. The members also mentioned miscellaneous items that have been donated to the organization from local businesses that have helped lower the amount of funding proposed. The Senate agreed with the proposal and felt it was right to leave the funding request alone.

The Senate overrode the veto placed on the club 11-0. “We were still able to get the funds that we need in order to send 28 of our students to conference this year.” Reitz said. “We are very thankful to have the IPSGA teaming up with the American Society of Civil Engineers.”

Reitz and Burlage also went to the Travel Committee for funding travel expenses.

“Nick and I presented in front of the travel committee on Friday and we are very thankful to receive almost all of what we requested,” Reitz said. “At this point, we are fully funded in all of our endeavors.”