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IU President’s Visit Overshadowed by Purdue


Photo credit: Courtesy | Indiana University

Written by: Communicator StaffFebruary 14, 2013

Purdue president Mitch Daniels’ visit caused a bit of a stir when he came to IPFW on Jan. 31. The next day, another important university president also came to see his regional campus.

Indiana University president Michael McRobbie’s visit didn’t garner up as much fanfare as Daniels’. He didn’t hold an open forum or even get an IPFW press release.

McRobbie did, however, meet with IPFW chancellor Vicky Carwein as well as local business and political leaders, IPFW deans and editors from the Journal Gazette.

McRobbie didn’t sit down with groups of students and faculty for a chat, but he paid a visit to IU’s medical school on the IPFW campus. There, he observed and participated in a simulated medical exam alongside medical students. The medical program at IPFW is IU-run and has 67 students.

The fact that McRobbie’s visit didn’t get much media attention hints at what is on the mind of the people of IPFW. While IPFW is governed in part under the IU Board of Trustees, it is Purdue that manages it fiscally an negotiates its budget to the State of Indiana. IPFW is currently facing a budget shortfall of $4.2 million for the next year.