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Come Grow with Us: Letter From the Editor

Written by: Mikaela ConleyFebruary 15, 2017

To you, The Communicator might just be something that you pick up every now and then to check out what’s happening on campus. But to me, it’s my place on campus.

It’s where I’ve made friends and professional connections.

It’s where I’ve added leadership, writing, design, editing, fundraising and event planning, ad sales and much more to my resume.

It’s where I’ve diversified my college career.

I’ve spoken to administrators, homeless individuals, students with disabilities, magicians, paranormal investigators, local business owners, student government officials, and city workers just to name a few, all because of my time here.

I’ve attended the omnibus lecture series press conferences and dinner where I listened to Jeb Bush speak and met and interviewed Charlie Savage, a Washington Correspondent for The New York Times.

I received special access to the tunnel underneath Neff Hall, and other places around campus, where I held a ghost hunt with local paranormal investigators for our Halloween special issue.

I started an annual recycling art show, had my articles published or mentioned in other local newspapers, actually published articles with breaking news before the local papers and won state awards.

I’m not even a communication major but I work here because I have always felt in my element when I am writing. And I live for those interviews where you sit down with someone and feel like you’re reliving these amazing moments that they’re describing with them.

From our small office in Walb Student Union I’ve traveled with nationally known Dick Stoner, seen glimpses of war with student veterans, heard the struggles of refugees trying to start a new life in Fort Wayne, and felt the resiliency of those living on the streets of Fort Wayne; and this has all drastically changed my outlook on my education, my potential, and the world in general.

My time at The Communicator has been truly invaluable and we are in need of students who want to have the same opportunities.

We don’t need students with tons of experience, we need students who are motivated, eager to get out learn, and students who want to help tell the unique stories of fellow students and community members.

We need students who want to take a chance and better themselves and their resume, while getting paid to do so.

The Communicator can be as small or as successful as the students who are leading it.

Do you have a story idea? Come write it with us. Do you have an idea for a special event or fundraiser? Come do it with us. Come write, read, and edit. Come design, photograph, and illustrate. Come lead while you learn.

Come grow with us.

Thank you for reading and supporting The Communicator.