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Letter from the Editor: Why are we Here?


Photo credit: Kody Kieler

Written by: Mikaela ConleySeptember 21, 2017

On the cover you can see quotes from students on why they are here at IPFW. We all have our reasons. What I love about working at The Communicator is how I get to see how all of these reasons connect.

Not only do I get to see and report about what people are doing on and off campus, but I get to see how students from completely different backgrounds, with different goals and majors, come together in our newsroom on the second floor of Walb because those reasons sometimes overlap each other.

We have human services majors, communications majors, political science majors, visual communication and design majors and more on our staff. We have different reasons for coming to this campus, and even applying to work here at The Communicator, but we come together for the same reasons.

We are here to keep you informed, to tell your story, to fight for freedom of speech and the press, to educate other students, and to learn and gain experiences ourselves. We are here to practice and teach ethical journalism, to showcase quality design, to market our organization, and to ensure that this campus, despite all of the changes that it is going through, continues to have an independent news source that can freely report all aspects of the truth.

And despite a couple changes that we are announcing, we promise to stay true to our reasons for being here.

Walb 215 has been the room where students have been producing The Communicator for almost 50 years. There have been countless staff meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions and all-nighters held in this room over the years. This room is a piece of The Communicator’s history, and it has been home base during the journey that students have gone through to maintain free speech and free press. But we are excited for a change.

We will be moving our office to the Walb basement by Nov. 1. It saddens us to leave this office, but we are happy to know that the old space will serve as a food pantry for students in need. We are excited for the opportunities that the new office will bring. Look for more details about the move in our next issue.

You may have also noticed that The Communicator hasn’t printed biweekly this semester. We have decided to cut back to monthly printing this year to save on production costs while we search for a way to make our print product more sustainable.

We look forward to your continued support through this process and hope to give you a higher quality product in the meantime.

So what is your reason for being here? Let us know @IPFW_News.