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Letter to the Editor: Thursday’s abortion rally ‘unconscionable’

Written by: adminApril 14, 2017

Letter to the Editor,

Today a group called “Created Equal” held an anti-abortion demonstration in the center of campus, directly in front of the Science and Liberal Arts buildings. This demonstration involved large billboards with graphic images of dismembered human fetuses, presumably designed to shock people into becoming opponents of legal abortion.

The effect of these billboards, however, has been to district and traumatize students. A few of my students arrived to class today in tears, and were obviously distraught by the graphic images they were FORCED TO LOOK AT on their way to class. These were unavoidable images, displayed in one of the busiest parts of campus. What is more, this is taking place at the end of the semester, when students’ nerves are already frayed by stress and a lack of sleep. They need to focus energies on finishing up the semester, not focus on graphic images of dismembered human fetuses.

Abortion is a difficult issue and many of IPFW’s students, staff, and faculty have dealt personally with it. To allow a group of provocateurs to take over the center of our campus, at the stress-filled end of the semester, and use graphic images to trigger powerful emotional responses from those who walk by is unconscionable. IPFW needs to cultivate a calm, restorative environment going into spring finals and not turn its campus center over to a group dedicated to generating anxiety and trauma to the detriment of our students end-of-the-semester education.

David G. Schuster

Associate Professor of History

April 13, 2017

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