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Men’s Soccer Wins Against IUPUI


Photo credit: Sean Oleary

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Written by: Communicator StaffOctober 10, 2014

During the IPFW men’s soccer team’s win against IUPUI on Sept. 27 at The Mastodons’ home stadium, the Jaguars’ net shook four times throughout the game. Mastodons goalkeeper, Raphael Kotzock, was able to block 11 strong potential strikes from the Don’s net.

Fifteen minutes into the game, Jacob Murphy was able to land the ball at the feet of Jose Rodriquez, who was immediately able to turn it into a cross inside the box. Austin West, took this opportunity to find his way to the ball just in time for a hat trick that placed his team in the lead (1-0).

After celebrating his first goal in the match, five minutes passed before West was again able to shoot a ball that beat the keeper’s gloves into the right post.

After another five-minute interval, West was given the opportunity to take a free kick fifteen yards away from the goal. When the referee whistled, West curved the ball around the defense line, through the keeper’s hand, and into the left corner of the goal. Resting in the lead, the forty-five minute mark was announced by the referee’s Half-Time whistle.

Once the teams switched sides, the referee announced the start of the second half. With fresh legs on the pitch, the pressure from the IUPUI Jaguars increased and IPFW fell back to defend their territory. However, the Jaguars’ efforts had little success. 25 minutes into the second half, Randy Maksimik, turned Murphy’s into-the-box pass into a strike that took the ball through the diving goalkeeper’s hands and into the net. IPFW Mastodons won the game 4-0.

Among the crowd was Kyle Ackerman, an alumni and a former Midfielder on the Mastodon team. Ackerman drove down from Toronto, Canada to attend the game with his teammates Scot Williams and Darnell Parris.

“The team has a lot of potential this year,” said Ackerman, “We know that this match is very important for us, because it’s the first game of the conference, and it is here at our home field.”

Story by: Mahir Almandil