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Men’s Volleyball

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Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 14, 2017

By: Emily Anderson

The Fort Wayne Mastodon men’s volleyball team will travel on Dec. 29 to Ontario, Canada, the original home of their head coach, Ryan Perrotte, to compete in their first invitational of the season. After daily practice and fall tournaments, Perrotte said he is looking forward to a great year.

“I am excited to go back to my community to showcase my program against good competition,” Perrotte said.

The Canadian volleyball teams are halfway through their season, so the first games for the Mastodons will be an obstacle. Although, Perrotte believes the team can prevail.

This will be Perrotte’s third season as the head coach. He said he believes this year’s players are more mature than they have been in the last two years. The last two years haven’t produced results that show what the team is capable of, Perrotte said. However, Perrotte said, the focus on weight training and conditioning the team began in September will hopefully turn this around.

There are a handful of players, Perrotte said, who have improved and have stood out to him so far this season in practice.

Pelegrin Vargas, a sophomore from Puerto Rico, has done everything the coaches have asked of him in order to improve since getting injured last fall. He has increased his arm strength, stepped up as a team leader, and Perrotte said he has impressed his coaches through his recovery and hard work at practice this fall.

Perrotte said Michael Keegan, a junior from California, has also gotten incrementally better. He also said Keegan has been doing a nice job working on his leadership skills.

Frederico Santos, a freshman from Portugal, has displayed a tenacity to practice and, Perrotte said, has elevated play and practice for the whole team.

Perrotte said the player most eager to showcase new skills is Richie Diedrich, a sophomore from Florida.

Colton Stone, a redshirt junior from Virginia, got much stronger and much smarter since last season, Perrotte said.

Finally, Kolbie Knorr, a transfer student from Wheaton, Illinois, was top four in the conference last year, and Perrotte said he is eager to see him in action this spring.

Perrotte said, “We had a great fall preseason and I am looking forward to seeing what we are made of and what other teams are made of. I am pretty excited to get started.”

The team’s first home game is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Jan. 5 against Emmanuel.