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Metal Bands Team Up To Help Homeless


Photo credit: Holli Days

Written by: Colby ShoupJanuary 18, 2017

Heavy for the Homeless, a benefit for local charity Street Reach for the Homeless, will be happening at O’Sullivan’s Italian Pub from 9 p.m. to midnight Jan 28. The event will feature music from Midwest metal bands Static Fly and Fistaface and acoustic duo The Snyders.

Jaynie Watson, who organized the event through her company Soul Feeder Promotions, sees the concert as a way to bring attention to important issues and celebrate being “underground.”

“Sally, the woman who runs Street Reach, is very underground and that’s kind of the way I feel with the music I book,” Watson said. “Their music isn’t played on the radio and they’re kind of hidden from the rest of the world. She, like the bands I book, has many helpers, but she’s the driving force behind everything there. She’s like us.”

Watson started Soul Feeder Promotions after years of booking events for someone else’s company, and was excited to go into business for herself. She got the name for her company from an artist she booked who told her she was “the soul that feeds all of this music.” Minnich said she’s been trying to live up to that title ever since.

Static Fly tries to have the same underground spirit, said Paul Kuhlhorst, frontman for Static Fly.

“You don’t want to be in it for the money that’s for sure because you don’t really make any money on that level,” Kuhlhorst said. “We seek out our own venues, write our own songs, and sell our own CDs. We especially like trying to seek out events like this because it allows to use our talents to help people who need it.”

Admission to Heavy for the Homeless is free with donations of food, clothing and tents to Street Reach for the Homeless. The concert will also feature a raffle and silent auction.