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Mutts Draw Crowd to the Rail

Concert photos_WEB

Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Concert photos_WEB
Written by: Communicator StaffApril 23, 2014

Just over 100 people crammed into The Brass Rail Friday night, despite heat and close quarters, to see Chicago native band, The Mutts.

According to frontman Mike Maimone, the band has been an ongoing project since 2009, but they admit that touring as they are getting older has become more difficult.

“We’re getting older now…and it’s harder to tour and maintain things like relationships and make ends meet back home,” Maimone said.

Despite this, the band was excited about their Fort Wayne appearance.

Not newcomers to the Fort Wayne area, the Brass Rail is one of their favorite bars to play at because “…the beer is so cheap,” Maimone said through a chuckle.

The Mutts claim that Fort Wayne is “one of the coolest local band scenes per capita,” which is why, Maimone says, he enjoys playing in the area so much – and from the gathering of cult listeners that came out to see them perform these feelings of fondness seem to be mutual.

Michelle Cano said that she has seen the Mutts play three times before in the area.

“They have lots of soul – lots of passion….and Mike’s hair is crazy,” Cano said.

Sentiments on hair aside, the consensus on the band’s performance was pretty much summed up by Cano’s remarks.

Tyler Kessler, who has seen The Mutts play once before at CS3 last summer, said, “They are one of the few bands that I’ve seen do a Tom Wait’s cover and I didn’t sit there and judge the whole time.”

The Tom Waits comparison is one that Mutts is not shocked to hear. Their music is very reminiscent of Tom Waits – smokey, bluesy vocals – if Waits were to suddenly join a garage band and sometimes use his feet to play the keyboards.

Maimone appreciates the compliment, but has a humble reaction to the comparison.

“It’s flattering. I love him, but I feel like I could never live up….So, it motivates me to try new things..he is so much more experimental in his music,” Maimone said.

Maimone said that he was pleased with the turn out at The Rail and that he thought the crowd and show were incredible.

β€œIt’s always surprising when people show up.”

Fans can expect future Fort Wayne shows, and may be interested in checking in on Maimone’s solo project as well.

Story by: Logan Hursh