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New “Dreadnought” Dinosaur Biggest Ever Found

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 10, 2014

Sean Godfroy

A massive dinosaur, called the Dreadnoughtus schrani, has been uncovered in Argentina by paleontologists. The fossil is 85 feet long and estimated to have weighed as much as 65 tons, equal to about seven T. rex. Furthermore, study shows that the dinosaur may not have been finished growing when it died. The team that discovered it named it Dreadnoughtus, which means “fearer of nothing,” because at the size they estimated it to have, they did not think it would fear any predators. “Not to mention we thought it was time a plant-eating dinosaur got a badass name. Those are usually reserved for the meat-eaters,” commented one of the paleontologists. It is believed that the dinosaur lived about 77 million years ago and died when the ground beneath it became quicksand after a flood.

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