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New Format for Athletic Banquet

Written by: Communicator StaffApril 13, 2016

Written by: Rachel Kacer

The annual end of the year athletic banquet, held only for athletes and their family, is going to have a new look this year and a new name. Formerly known as “The Athletic Banquet,” the redesigned program will now be called “The Masty Awards.”

Christine Kuznar, associate athletic director of IPFW, described in detail the reasons for the differences in the 2016 ceremony at 6 p.m. April 24.

“There are two purposes to this. One being to shorten the length of it from last year, another being to refresh and update,” Kuznar said.

Instead of an entire video of all of the athlete’s achievements from the year being shown during a dinner, it has been limited to individual photos from all the teams, which are to be presented during the ceremony. They will be displayed as a slideshow on a projector screen.

The photos will be of the athletes competing while in season, along with any volunteer work they participated in during the school year. The idea is to show family, friends and the entire athletic department the dedication the athletes have in all areas.

Although changes have been made, the traditional awards for the coaching staff will remain, including the most valuable player, the most improved and the coach’s award.

There are nine additional awards being given out to a select few of the athletes and coaches. They are called the “Student-athlete/Coach Masty Award,” according to Kuznar.

The athlete awards consist of best celebration, best comeback athlete, best facial expression, best play, best record breaking performance, best upset and top international athlete.

The awards being presented to the coaching staff are the coach most likely to flip out on a ref and funniest coach.

All the student-athletes will determine all of the award winners. They will all be meeting a couple weeks before the event to individually vote. The athletes tend to make all the final decisions when it comes to all aspects of the ceremony, not just the awards.

“We hope that these changes will increase student-athlete enjoyment. Either way, we will continue to ask the athletes for any needed updates for the future,” Kuznar said.

The athletic department hopes this traditional recognition ceremony will not only support and congratulate the athletes, but also encourage them for upcoming seasons.

The Masty Awards will be taking place at the Rhinehart Music Center on April 24 at 6 p.m.