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New Ice Cream Shop Comes to the City

Thai rolled ice cream

Photo credit: Sweet Monster Ice Cream

Thai rolled ice cream
Written by: Communicator StaffApril 21, 2018

Written By: Nicole Winans

Sweet Monster Ice Cream opened its doors for the first time during its not-so-soft opening March 20.

“On the day of soft opening, our line stretched all the way out the door all the way across the shopping plaza,” Joey Lam, owner of Sweet Monster Ice Cream, said.

Everyone was excited to try the new ice cream shop and willing to wait, Nachole Dusseau, who attended the opening, said.

Sweet Monster Ice Cream’s current location is in the strip mall off Lima Road, but there are already plans for expanding to more locations.

“We have maintained extremely high demand since our soft opening. We have a significant social media following, and many customers are reaching out to us to open in their community,” Lam said.

The shop serves up Thai rolled ice cream handmade from scratch daily.

The ice cream liquid is poured onto an extremely cold plate, where it is worked with spatulas and rolled as it freezes.

After watching this process, customers can choose from 10 flavors of rolled ice cream and over 40 different toppings.

Cookie Monster is ranked as the most popular flavor, followed by Strawberry Cheesecake, Frozen S’more and Salted Caramel.

The cost for a dish is $5.95 with only one size.

Sweet Monster's taco ice cream.

Sweet Monster’s taco ice cream.

“You get a decent amount of ice cream, but you’re also paying for the experience,” Heather Closson, a former IPFW student, said. “It’s a fun place for families, and there’s a wide variety of options for any person.”

In addition to rolled ice cream, Sweet Monster serves Honey Boba milk tea, cereal milkshakes and chocolate bar milkshakes.

Sweet Monster is a hangout place for people of all ages, but really captivates younger generations, Lam said.

The company has strong social media marketing and can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp, according to Lam.

The shop itself is focused on being trendy and hip with modern, trendy interior design, Lam said.

“Nowadays everyone eats with their eyes first so we want to create something that captures your eyes,” Lam said. “Every single wall in our store is Instagram worthy.”

Along with its growing reputation, Sweet Monster is looking to hire new staff members.

Interested applicants must be available to work flexible hours and day shifts.

For more information, visit sweetmonstericecream.com.