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Nine Drinks to Welcome the New Year

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Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 06, 2014

Zak Seitz


When the clock strikes midnight January first, partygoers around the world will welcome the New Year with a toast (and maybe a kiss). Starting off on the right foot is important, so selecting the drink of choice for such a special occasion may be more tricky than walking up to the bar and ordering a pint of PBR. Below are nine drinks that will make New Years a little more special when the ball drops.


Celebrate the New Year the American way with this red, white and blue cocktail. Warning: Drink may cause involuntary chanting of “USA!”

In a rocks glass

  • 1 part Razzmatazz
  • Carefully pour 1 part lemonade
  • Carefully pour 1 part Blue Curacao



This drink doesn’t require the fancy Ciderhouse. Angry Orchard may be part of the namesake, but any hard cider will do.  Where Angryballs lacks in eloquence it makes up for in flair.  Combining cider and Fireball cinnamon whiskey transmutes a regular beer into a cinnamon apple that will warm the belly through the cold winter night.

  • 1 bottle of hard cider
  • 1 shot of Fireball



A spin off of the college staple, Jagerbomb,  a barrelbomb won’t leave you jittery and shaking in the corner at midnight.

  • 2 parts Rootbeer
  • 1 part Jagermeister



This is the traditional beverage for toasting. Like most traditions, the occasion wouldn’t be the same without them.  When buying a champagne, it’s important not to confuse cost and value.  A $5 bottle of André Cold Duck, a sweet sparkling wine, may taste much better than an expensive bottle.


When a large beer is just too much. Joking aside, minibeers are great for toasts.  They hit all the marks for a toast selection: palatable with a kick, easy to make and memorably cool-looking.

  • ¾ shot of Liquor 43
  • Heavy cream slowly poured on top



We’re all part Purdue Boilermaker, whether we admit it or not. This classic drink can be used to cheers to the second half of the school year or just help wash down contempt for Mitch Daniels. Either way, Boiler Up!

  • 1 beer in a pint glass
  • 1 shot of whiskey


Angry Orchard Ciderhouse Collection

These aren’t the standard ciders that have swept the nation with the revival of hard cider in America. The Ciderhouse Collection is more of a fine wine compared with a boxed. But with refined taste, an eloquent price is attached — a wine-sized bottle costs around $20.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This drink combines the widely popular Fireball whiskey and Rumchata to make what can only be described as Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  If you don’t like the brand of cereal, definitely don’t drink this.

  • 2 parts Rumchata
  • 1 part Fireball


Shirley Temple (Non-alcoholic)

This ageless drink is one ingredient short of a cocktail but much classier than a champagne glass of sparking grape juice.

  • Fill a glass with ice.
  • Add a couple splashes of grenadine or cherry juice
  • Fill the remainder with ginger ale or lemon-lime soft drink
  • Stir and garnish with maraschino cherries.



If you are going to consume alcohol, The Communicator encourages you to drink responsibly.