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Notre Dame Anthropologist Augustin Fuentes to speak at IPFW


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Written by: Communicator StaffMarch 19, 2014

Well-known primatologist Agustín Fuentes, professor and chair of anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, will present “It’s Not All Sex and Violence: Complexity and Cooperation in Human Evolution…and Why It Matters” Thursday, March 20, at 7 p.m. in the Walb Union Classic Ballroom, Room 126.

Fuentes will discuss common conceptions of human nature such as whether we are genetically wired to be sexually monogamous and if the needs and desire of men and women are actually different. In engaging discussion oFuentes intends to argue that a better understanding of various aspects of the human condition requires us to shed exisiting simplistic notions of “nature or nurture.”

The event is free and open the the public and is hosted by the IPFW Anthropology club.

More information is available here.