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NYC Homeless Shelters Found to Be Too Unhealthy

Written by: Communicator StaffMarch 12, 2015

Written by Sean Godfroy

New York City’s department of Investigations has released a report detailing the deplorable state of homeless shelters within their city. The report found shelters operated by the Department of Homeless Services were “too often unsafe and unhealthy for children and families.” Some of the more notable issues encountered were rat infestations, puddles of urine, and the lack of carbon monoxide detectors as well as hundreds of other code violations. The study found that these issues had been present for quite some time and concluded that they were the “result of decades of neglect.” The Department of Homeless Services operates 145 shelters and 16 temporary housing “cluster” sites. Investigators have said that immediate and considerable change must be implemented to return these shelters to working order or replace them.