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Origin of Idiom Ep. 5


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Written by: Communicator StaffFebruary 26, 2015

Kurt Roembke

Clutching at Straw

So, the title of the show pretty much says it all. In each weekly episode, I will uncover the meaning and, if possible, the origin of a specific phrase in the English language. My idea for the show came out of my own interest in learning about phrases that people use every day without knowing where they came from or even what they actually mean.

Idioms are little fragments of history that have an amazing ability of staying relevant through the changing times. Idioms almost always start out with direct and practical purposes but as time passes they are slowly divorced form their origins. By tracing an idiom’s history back through time, we can visit and connect with an era by which we were born and raised. In doing this, we can become more aware of the English language’s past and, in turn, become more
attentive to how we direct its path towards the future.