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Panel to Celebrate Day of the Dead


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Written by: Colby ShoupSeptember 29, 2016

IPFW Celebrates: The Day of the Dead is a panel featuring IPFW students, faculty and alumni discussing Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos  in Neff Hall Room 101 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Oct. 18.

The event is a part of the University Community Conversations initiative, and will be moderated by Stephen Buttes, associate professor of spanish and director of the initiative.

Buttes said the event’s goal is to analyze the event from both an academic and personal angle.

“People viewing the Day of the Dead as a distant cultural tradition is something that I hope we can get past by bringing it to the personal level of people talking about their own experiences with it,” Buttes said. “It makes it feel more real and not just something that you read about in a textbook or a newspaper article online. It’s something that people actually celebrate. It’s something that is actually a part of people’s lives.”

Panelists will include Karla Zepeda, associate professor of spanish, and Raquel Kline. Kline will be representing the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and talking about the museum’s annual Day of the Dead event on Oct. 30.

Zepeda will cover the Day of the Dead from a historical and religious point of view, but will also talk about what the holiday means to her personally.

“My connection to the Day of the Dead is mainly religious,” Zepeda said. “I am a Roman Catholic, and Hispanic Roman Catholics, as well as some American Roman Catholics, observe the day of the dead as a day to remember those who have passed.”

Buttes will also be recruiting students with a personal connection to the holiday to be on the panel.

IPFW Celebrates: The Day of the Dead is a free event and will be broadcasted simultaneously on College Access TV.