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Paranormal Investigators Explore Campus

Written by: Mikaela ConleyOctober 26, 2016

Thirteen years ago, The Communicator invited a group of paranormal investigators, Indiana Ghost Trackers, onto campus to survey various locations where strange disturbances have been reported.

In the spirit of Halloween, we invited the ParaSisters, Jackie Mossburg Hicks and Tina Hicks Lano, professional paranormal investigators, onto campus to conduct a follow-up investigation. This time we started the investigation underground and went into the tunnels that tangle underneath Neff Hall.

The investigation began in a large sealed off room hidden in the maintenance closet, used to allow air into the building. A maintenance man worked to open a large door on the floor of the room. We had to climb down a ladder to reach the ground of the tunnel. The drop led to a small, pitch-black room, taken over with the sound of a loud fan. The small room veered off into a long tunnel. The ParaSisters noted they caught a strange glow coming from the tunnel in a picture they took of the pitch black room.

After climbing out of the tunnel the hunt continued to the studio theatre in Kettler Hall.

It is a tradition for theatres to be haunted and students have heard odd sounds come onto the microphones during shows, Beverly Redman, chair of the Department of Theatre, said in an email.

“I welcome the ghost — Murphy, as they call him. Everybody needs a place to call home, even a spirit,” Redman said. “As long as he doesn’t bother us, we don’t bother him.”

As we walked in the theatre, we briefly explored the lower level of the theatre, which leads to a smaller hallway/tunnel. It was there that we heard what sounded like something rolling across the floor of the stage above us.

We went upstairs, shut off all the lights and sat in the darkness.

“If someone is in here with us, come to the green light,” Hicks said.

A few minutes later we heard what sounded like something drop from the lower level beneath us. Lano and one of our staff members rushed down the stairs to find the source of the sound. The staff member returned upstairs minutes later, reporting that they had heard the sounds of a piano coming from the room they were in, yet there was no know piano nearby.

Lano said she saw a shadow move by the exit sign and felt as if there was a figure in the light booth.

Leaving the theatre, we continued to what we thought was the former burial site for the Fort Wayne State Hospital and Training Center. No activity was witnessed. However, we continued on walking around the Visual Arts Building building where one of the investigators paused, catching her breath between a group of spruce trees, saying she felt dizzy. All four of us stood in the same spot and felt a strange sensation come over us. We continued on.While researching IPFW’s grounds days later we found that the actual spot of the former burial ground was between those trees.

Not knowing this, we continued on to the current cemetery, which was moved in 1967 to the intersection of Broyles Boulevard and St. Joe road. We approached the statue of two children back to back. As we stood looking at the statue, the wind began to pick up and the we became covered with leaves falling from the trees. We decided we should end the investigation at this time.

It was 12 a.m.

Walking back to our cars we started to notice the out of place smell of baby oil surrounding us. Soon before this one of the investigators was speaking of how spirits have followed them home in the past and how sometimes they make themselves known through smells.

“We should pray,” the ParaSisters agreed.

As we huddled together in a circle in the cold patch of grass in front of the cemetery, they prayed that no spirits would follow us home.

“We come in peace,” they said.

The wind picked up as she continued.

Leaves floated off of the trees, surrounding us.

The smell got stronger.


I nervously said “Amen,” wondering what I had gotten myself into with this investigation.

The staff member next to me burst out laughing and said, “Sorry guys, I forgot I had a baby wipe in my pocket.”

It was time to go home.

“All the elements of a haunting are on the grounds and in place to have a haunting of some type to take place,” The ParaSisters said. “(During) our short time of investigating the campus, we cannot confirm or deny that there are spirits on the campus.”

Among the equipment used to investigate the grounds of IPFW, Hicks and Lano used a Mel-Metr, Ghost Merer EMF Sensor, an Infared thermometer, a Sony and Fuji 35 mm camera, a hand-held voice recorder and a flashlight.

The Ghost Meter EMF sensor, Hicks said, is calibrated to ignore the subtle EMF emissions surrounding the human body, yet is still sensitive enough to detect small energy fluctuations in the electro-magnetic field.

The infrared thermometer is used when the ParaSisters ask spirits to drop or raise the temperature in the room to prove they are there. Hicks and Lano said they have sometimes seen a 15-degree temperature change.

Lano’s new book, “Living In the Shadows of Paranormal,” explaining how her paranormal experiences as a child motivated her to become involved with paranormal research, will be out Nov. 11.

Hicks will be debuting a book in 2017 titled “Everyone Has A Story,” a compilation of ghost stories. She is also writing a book “Is the Paranormal You’re Involved in, Making you and Those Surrounding you Ill?”

Lano and Hicks are also hosts of “Pushing the Limits,” a radio show on Z Talk Radio. They can be seen on season 8 episode 3 of the television show “ A Haunting,” and their latest episode will air 9 p.m. Nov 18 on TLC.

The ParaSisters will also host a bonfire and tell ghost stories 4-11 p.m. Oct. 29. More information about the event is available on their Facebook page.