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Pi Math Club Event to Honor Unorthodox Mathematician

Several professors presented over different mathematical topics at last year's event.

Photo credit: Adam Coffman

Several professors presented over different mathematical topics at last year's event.
Written by: Communicator StaffNovember 11, 2015

Written by Teagan Bowie

“The event is open for anyone with a curious mind,” stated Dan Coroian, associate professor of mathematics and faculty advisor for the Pi Math Club.

In the view of Martin Gardner, a revolutionary mathematician, one learns more when in a state of entrancement; and participating in puzzles, games, and practical mathematical concepts can create that state according to celebrationofmind.org.

The Pi Math club has again organized an event around Gardner called “The Celebration of the Mathematical Mind.” The event will take place in Kettler Hall Rm. 246 from 12-3 p.m. on Nov. 13. It is free and open to the public.

This year, the club will host speakers covering topics related to everything from geometry to logical fallacies.

The first speaker, according to ipfw.edu, will be Professor Rick Gillman from Valparaiso University. Gillman will speak about the gerrymandering, or drawing the lines of voting districts in a way to assist a particular party.

Gillman will discuss the geometry used to measure the contortion of the districts in gerrymandering, while giving an in-depth look at both the historical

role and future of gerrymandering. After a lunch break, Professor Derek Thompson, from Taylor University, will be using the board game “The Resistance” to analyze the difference between a “valid”

and “sound” argument.
Professor Jay Bagga of Ball

State University will be discussing the technology of voting machines used in the US elections and the future of voting.

To end the event, Professor Marc Lipman from IPFW will analyze elections. He will look at how an election is conducted, the expected outcome and then the actual outcome.

There are “Celebration of Mind” events held around the world as a celebration of ideals of Martin Gardner, typically around late October and early November, to coincide with Gardner’s birthdate of Oct. 21. He pioneered the field of recreational mathematics, introduced the world to subjects such as the Soma cube, fractals, and flexagons and desired everyone to find joy in the exercise of the mind, according to celebrationofmind. org.

Although best known for his interest in mathematics, Gardner also had interests in sleight of hand tricks, mysteries, science and writing.