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Preparing For a New Homecoming King and Queen

Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 17, 2014

Erika Brandenburg

The 2013 IPFW Homecoming Queen, Chelsey Sims, will step down and relinquish her crown at the homecoming basketball game on Jan 24.

The current homecoming royalty, Chelsey Sims and Elon Fyfield, will be at the homecoming basketball game on Saturday night to pass on their crowns and duties to the next rulers of campus. Chancellor Vicky Carwein and her husband Bill Andrews—Deputy Director of Middle East Laboratory Operations for Columbus, will be doing the actual crowning during the ceremony.

Chelsey said that she was a little sad to be giving up her throne.

“I’m excited to see how she, and he, will interact on campus and take over the roles of being active and involved on campus,” said Chelsey Sims.

Despite her subtle sadness about giving up her crown, she plans on voting for both the new homecoming king and queen.

She also expressed her conflicting views on a good candidate for the positions.

“It’ll be a tough decision because I know a lot of the people who are running and they are all active on campus, and they are people that I know and that I’m friends with,” said Chelsey Sims.

The voting for homecoming royalty ends on the Friday night before the ceremony, Jan 23. According to IPSGA members, many of the people who have picked up applications are involved in student government, pep band, AmbassaDons, Stars, or Don-to-Don organizations.

Chelsey Sims said that the duties of the IPFW Homecoming Queen are not as rigorous as many people believe. All that was required of her was that she be present at the crowning of the new queen the following year. Other than that, Chelsey’s duties were to be active and involved on campus and to be a beacon of spirit and proud representation of IPFW.

Chelsey said, “I wish that the king and queen could have more privileges and duties on campus. So that is definitely something I would hope could happen for the future.”