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Reconstructing IPFW

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Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

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Written by: Mikaela ConleySeptember 09, 2015

The former Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and YoYo’s in Walb Student Union made their grand opening Aug. 24 as  the new Don’s at Walb and Java Spot at Walb. The former Subway location was also introduced as Kettler Chop’d & Top’d .

While the original goal of the new food options was to meet the demand of a 2013 campus survey, students have voiced mixed opinions about the new food services.

“I like it. It seems like we are at IU or Ball State. It has that real cafeteria feel,” said IPFW Junior, Zach Moreau.

Yet, Mike Bachle, another Junior, described the new food services as disappointing.

“It took longer than Subway, there are fewer choices than subway, and altogether was just sub-par to getting subway,” he said, disappointed in the selection and the price at all three locations.

The university has also expanded the use of Don Dollars and Aramark is offering a 5 percent discount to those who choose this method pf payment. With Don Dollars, students can put money on their Mastodon campus I.D card and swipe their card at checkout.

The construction of the three locations is expected to cost around $2,000,000, although not all the costs are in yet, according to Cyndy Elick, director of purchasing and support services at IPFW.

The contract will expire in 2020.

Aramark is currently employing students at the three locations and is still hiring at Aramark.com.

Helmke Library Looks Forward to Remodel

The initial plan to renovate Helmke Library over the fall semester has been postponed until the spring; however, according to Cheryl Truesdell, Dean of the Library, everything that was originally planned for the reconstruction is still in the works, and even more has been planned.

Following finals week this December, construction will begin on all four floors of Helmke Library. The construction is expected to be completed in January 2017.

Along with the complete reconstruction of fire suppression, H-Vac, lighting and electrical systems, the library staff is also excited about the  new architectural flair to be added.

The floorplans for the renovations still include an open master staircase connecting the first and second floors.

The goal of the construction is to update the building, which was built in 1972, before the evolution of modern technology, and to give students more quiet spaces to study, practice presentations, etc.

Along with the appearance of a second Studio M and an addition of IT Services, Truesdell is also working with the architects to install a media wall, in hopes of connecting students and staff with as much modern technology as possible.

“I actually just upped the budget for e-books,” Truesdell said, not only to again highlight the move to technology, but also to ensure students that all library services will still be offered during the construction.

The Writing Center will temporarly be moved to Kettler Hall for the duration of the construction, however, it is hoped that the honors will be able to remain open in their current location in the Library. Library services will also operate out of what is now the 24 hour computer lab.

“This is great opportunity for the campus, too. We now have this metropolitan university designation and I think that the library is one of the most important academic symbols on a campus and it needs to represent the best technology and the best resources and I think the students deserve that,” Truesdell said.