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Religious Speakers Escorted Off Campus for Failure to Register With University


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Written by: Communicator StaffApril 23, 2014

Monday morning found the campus walkways ringing with the preaching of a pair of Evangelists near Walb Student Union.

It was not the same group from earlier in the year, and the message was also a little less harsh. Instead of condemning everyone who passed by, the pair of preachers instead spoke of moral behavior and the virtuous path to heaven.

“This idea of saving yourself is not the heart of a Christian. The heart of a Christian is ‘God was so merciful to me while I was in my sins that I want nothing more than to tell other people about it,’” said one of the Evangelists in his sermon.

Nonetheless, students complained about the preachers’ presence on campus, both for the noise with which they announced their sermons and for some of the more aggressive sections that actually did venture closer to condemnation of everyone.

“He didn’t come into this world so that we could just love everybody, never wanting to offend or never wanting to step on toes, to do your own thing,” the Evangelist also said.

In any case, campus security approached the Evangelists a few minutes after noon and asked for their IDs. Soon after, they were escorted off campus because they did not register their presence on campus with IPFW ahead of time; coincidentally the same reason another group of Evangelists was removed for earlier this year.

Story by: Sean Godfroy