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Sales or family


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 06, 2014

Dustin Keeslar

What are you buying?

[Right] “I’m buying headphones.”

[Left] “I’m buying a TV.”

Is it bad to have deals on


[Right] “Yes I do not like that”

[Left] “I didn’t go out. I had a friend that went out and I was like ‘hey, get me that TV while you are there,’ you know what I mean?… I went out at like ten, but if I were hoppin’ and crazy at home then I wouldn’t have left. So family is more important. Like I’m going to actually pay $65 more for this TV because I didn’t go out last night.”

Is it worth the wait in line?

[Left] “In the cold? Nothing is ever worth the cold!”

Do you think that moving the sales to Thanksgiving is to help with the lines?

[Right] “Could be. Every place I have been I didn’t have to wait at all.”

[Left] “I think they are trying to beat each other out.…Whoever announced what they were doing first is the loser… Everyone has the ads, everyone is online, so they’re trying to see who is doing it first. If you’re the first one with the deal then people are going there.”