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Several Mishaps Interrupt Daily Activities on Campus Wednesday


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Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 12, 2013

The Science Building was evacuated due to a fire alarm at 1:34 p.m yesterday.

Five minutes after the evacuation a firetruck arrived at the scene.

Teachers and students were confused as to why the alarms went off as they gathered outside of the building in 91 degree weather.

Ron Friedman, Chemistry department, was not surprised that no one knew as to why the fire alarm went off.

“Sometimes we never find out as to what exactly happened” Friedman stated

It seemed everyone effected was mostly annoyed the fire alarm went off and no one had any knowledge as to why.

Eventually the students and faculty were allowed to enter the building and resume class around 2 p.m., but soon after were asked to vacate the building again because the original problem had not been fixed.

Irritated by the situation, many professors decided to cancel class.

After further research, campus police confirmed that it was a false alarm due to the duct detectors.

A vendor will be arriving to fix the problem.

The events that required these multiple evacuations took place not long after the student services complex was evacuated due to a gas main leak earlier in the day, interrupting operations and causing the closure of the greenway paths connecting the north and south ends of campus.

Story by: Dana Wireman