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Silent Rally Backs Planned Parenthood

Ralliers hold signs in support of Planned Parenthood outside the Allen County Courthouse.

Photo credit: Katie Murray

Ralliers hold signs in support of Planned Parenthood outside the Allen County Courthouse.
Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 09, 2015

Written by Katie Murray

A local group called Fort Wayne on Fire led a silent rally in support of Planned Parenthood, August 29.

The rally was a response to many anti-abortion demonstrations against Planned Parenthood in the wake of the scandal alleging the misuse of fetal tissue.

Rachel Hile, one of the ralliers, said the motivation for the event was to “plan a different rally to show support for Planned Parenthood.”

Those who attended the rally support Planned Parenthood for the services it offers. Some of those services include: contraception, health screenings, adoption referrals and much more.

Erin Fogg, the founder of Fort Wayne on Fire and coordinator of the silent rally, said, “Planned Parenthood saved my life.”

Fogg shared that at the age of 26 cancerous cells were found in her cervix and with the help of Planned Parenthood she was referred to a surgeon who successfully removed those cells.

Fogg said, “If I had not had access to Planned Parenthood, I would have not known about [the cancer] until I became so ill that I would not have been able to have my two daughters.”

Planned Parenthood supporters at the rally stressed that Fort Wayne’s Planned Parenthood facilities do not provide abortions, only referrals.

According to a 2012 Annual Affiliate Service Census Executive Summary, “97% of all national services provided by Planned Parenthood are unrelated to abortion; 41% of services provided by Planned Parenthood are STI/STD screenings and prevention; and 11% of services provided are general women’s health care services.”

Ralliers displayed signs bearing these numbers in hopes of educating passersby.

A written statement handed out at the rally said, “Our newspaper covers regularly bear photos of  screaming … anti-choice advocates. We needn’t scream to be heard, we needn’t flash graphic photos to be seen. All we need to do is stand together, silent and strong. We will stand in solidarity to support Planned Parenthood and women’s rights.”

The protesters, who began the rally at The Allen County Courthouse, were shut down by Arts United staff after marching down Main Street and Freimann Square  during a festival.