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State of the Food Trucks


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Written by: Communicator StaffNovember 12, 2014

Madolyn Murray

Food trucks have found themselves as a staple of Fort Wayne culture, so don’t expect them to drive away from IPFW any time soon.

If there are any concerns about the food trucks driving off from the IPFW campus to greener pastures in town, don’t worry. Jim “JumBy” Garigen of JumBy’s JoiNt, Tony Fumarolo of Rig-A-Tony’s and Bo Gonzales of Bravas Food mentioned IPFW as great business. “It’s definitely a top three spot for us. It depends week to week but it always is one of our bigger money makers,” Fumarolo said. “It was good from the very first day as students and faculty alike welcomed us and lines up at the window even during those bleak winter days,” Garigen said. “Just like being the first food truck in town, we were the first food truck authorized to serve on campus and that was important to us.” The success of the Bravas truck at IPFW isn’t a surprise, students demanded it. “Things have been great, I mean, the fact that the students wanted us there so bad in the first place has made us being there that much better,” Gonzales said.

You should expect to see an increase in the food trucks not only in Fort Wayne, but in Northeast Indiana as well. Gonzales said, “Oh man, I think it’s really blowing up! Right now, there’s about eight of them? In the past year, about eight food trucks opened up and I already know about a few more that are getting ready to hit the streets. I think they might not hit the streets until next year, but I think within the next year, you’re probably looking at about, like, 15 food trucks here in Fort Wayne.” Garigen, who is transitioning into consulting due to medical issues, is working with three people who intend on having trucks on the streets next spring. One of those clients is in Angola. Fumarolo said, “In a few years, I think you’ll see trucks at almost every event, especially during the summer and the warmer months. You’ll see trucks all over the place, you’ll see them at fairs and gatherings and you’ll see them a lot more at private events as well. You’ll see them at weddings and other parties around town.”

Overall, food trucks appear to be in Fort Wayne and IPFW for the foreseeable future. “It’s well received, people are into it, and if you work hard at it, you know, I think they’re definitely here to stay, just a matter of which truck and all that, but Fort Wayne food truck scene is not slowing down anytime soon,” Gonzales said. They might not just be sticking to the trucks either. Due, in part, to the success of Bravas’ Burger Nights, they will be opening up a burger joint on Fairfield, near Wunderkammer Company, in the near future.