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Student Senate Proceedings: April 14


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffApril 23, 2014

The meeting started late as senators waited for quorum to be met. SR 33 regarding “Dead Week” was removed from the agenda for revision, and afterwards the agenda and minutes were approved.

Student Body President Bradley Crowe reminded senators of the NICE Career Fair being held the next day and encouraged senators to RSVP for the Student Award Ceremony coming in a few weeks.

Most of the meeting’s remainder was spent deciding on which of the two remaining meetings senators would attend. Because the next week was Spring Fling, and some senators would be campaigning for executive offices, several were reluctant to show up on April 21. However, the April 28 meeting would involve senators meeting in “Dead Week” to discuss a resolution on enforcing the campus policy concerning “Dead Week,” something that struck some senators as hypocritical.

Opinions favored skipping the April 21 meeting in favor of Spring Fling and attending the April 28 meeting to discuss the remaining two resolutions. However, canceling a meeting requires two weeks of advance notice, meaning it was too late to formally cancel the April 21 meeting. Despite this, it was made clear that senators were not expected to attend and that Vice President of Legislation Donald Archey would only be present long enough to determine that quorum would not be reached.

A brief discussion was held about the end of the year celebration, with a date set for May 12 after finals week. A sign-up sheet was passed around for those wishing to attend a Tin Caps game that day.

An error was pointed out in the March 31 minutes by Vice Chancellor McClellan in the list of attending senators. Quorum was momentarily lost and regained, and the senate recalled and amended the attendance list of those minutes.

A guest speaker was scheduled to attend the meeting, but conflicts prevented them from appearing before the senate. The meeting was adjourned after half an hour.

Coverage by: Sean Godfroy