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Student Senate Proceedings: April 28


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffMay 07, 2014

A total of 16 senators attended the final meeting, though only 14 were present at its beginning. A presentation by Jill Dunkel was added to the agenda before it and the minutes were approved.

The Student Body President, Vice President of Legislation, and all the committee chairs offered congratulations to the senators for their work and conduct through the year. Each one also thanked the senate for the opportunity they’d had in their various offices.

Vice Chancellor McClellan offered similar sentiments to the senate and its officers. He also announced the elected officers to the senate: Senator Wade Smith was elected as Student Body President, former president Bradley Crowe became the Vice President of Legislation, President Pro-tempore Nathan Fawley became Vice President of Finance and Jessie Graves for Vice President of Programming.

The first order of business was a set of constitutional amendments to rules and procedures that had previously been rejected by the senate. The first of these was a ban on electronic communication during meetings with regards to texting or e-mails. Next was an extension on the period for a presidential veto to be defended and countered by the presenter to five minutes each instead of only three. A third mandated an equal distribution of senators, but only to the point possible based on the number of senators.

The final change was to prevent senators with a conflict of interest from participating in the questioning period for bill presentation and rewording the rules so that abstention is required in votes where a conflict exists. After a few grammatical amendments passed 14 to 1, the proposed changes to the rules and procedures passed 15 to 1.

Next on the agenda was a senate resolution for another change to the constitution that would increase the required number of signatures on senate membership and officer petitions. However, due to procedural rules the resolution was not applicable to be voted upon. The senators were able to debate the amendment, but chose not to and let it be tabled indefinitely.

The final piece of business was Jill Dunkel’s presentation. As a business analyst working with Student Affairs and Enrollment, she came before the senate to inform them that an upgrade would be coming soon for the myipfw website. Dunkel came before the senate seeking input on what students wanted from the site. Many suggestions came for an increase in user-friendliness, a more precise array of links and an easier method of customizability.

The meeting closed with a few words from an alumni senator and announcements for the upcoming student government trip to a Tin Caps game on May 12. Afterwards, the final meeting of the year adjourned.

Story by: Sean Godfroy