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Student Songwriters Showcase Talent


Photo credit: Provided by: John Fishell

Written by: Colby ShoupNovember 11, 2016

IPFW songwriting students will be performing their original work 7:30-9 p.m. Nov. 17 at Rhinehart Music Center. Three Rivers Electric, a new band made up of music students, will follow the performance.

Mason Sumner, a junior music technology major, is one of the three songwriting students performing in the concert and will also be playing bass for Three Rivers Electric. Sumner will be performing his song “Fade Away,” which he said he chose because of its relatability.

“It’s about a missed opportunity,” Sumner said. “What happened was I met this girl at a Dierks Bentley concert. We had a really good time together, but when it was time to go our separate ways, I never got her number. She faded away from my life right there. It’s sort of a ‘the one that got away’ story, and I think a lot of the audience will be able to connect with that.”

Kimberly Galligan, junior general studies major and lead singer and guitar player for Three Rivers Electric, will also be performing songs inspired by her personal life.

Although Galligan is not a student in the songwriting class, she has been writing and performing songs as a country artist since she was 16. Galligan said her career in songwriting started when she found her father’s guitar in storage.

“He passed away when I was 4 from pancreatic cancer, so I just really wanted to learn how to play his guitar and it was kind of a special thing,” Galligan said. “So I ended up for whatever reason writing a song in his memory on his guitar. After that, it took off and I started getting a lot of gigs and opening up for a lot of big-name country bands.”

Galligan has opened for nationally known country artists such as Confederate Railroad, Little Texas and Georgette Jones throughout her career.

Three Rivers Electric will mainly be performing Galligan’s songs, but the band will also play a few covers, including a country version of “Sweet Child of Mine” made famous by Sheryl Crow.

Admission to the songwriting showcase is free. The event will also be filmed by Campus TV to be aired at a later date.