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Student Views: What is the greatest threat to our country?

Written by: Communicator StaffFebruary 27, 2018

Written By: Ben Bailey

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Inc., said that the invention of truly artificial intelligence could have dangerous implications for human civilization.

Musk, in a speech at the U.S. National Governors Association, suggested proactive legislation to keep tabs on the growth of artificial intelligence needs to be enacted.

During the presentation, Musk stated that artificial intelligence presents “the biggest risk that we face as a civilization.”

Musk is not the only one who fears the future of artificial intelligence. In a presentation at the Web Summit technology conference, renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking said that the growth of AIs could present “the worst event in the history of our civilization.”

While Hawking said that the future of AI development is uncertain, he did stress the importance of being prepared for the potential risks of creating machines that can think for themselves.

Is AI development really the biggest threat to the world and to the nation today? And if not, what is the biggest threat to the United States in 2018?

IPFW students weigh in on what scares them the most about the future.

The greatest threat to our nation today is people, because people are idiots and they make a lot of mistakes… JFK said ask not what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country and people forget that in general. We’re very selfish, we’re after our own gain. And so, instead of working together as a unit to accomplish things, we’re a very individualistic country. People are always thinking of what’s best for themselves and if everyone is thinking that way we’re never going to thrive as a nation.

-Colin Villanueva, junior, communication

The greatest threat to our country is either social divide or other countries that hate us. It’s not a secret that our country is in a state where you have to pick sides. You’re either extreme this or extreme that and there’s no common ground…Whether it be politics, sports, music- we’re extremely divided in every case. Politically, you’re either far left or far right, and it has divided everyone. Also, there are other countries that just don’t like us and want to do harm to us and the way that we think… So the two biggest threats are both internal and external.

-Kyle Cooke, sophomore, sociology

 It’s North Korea. It’s because of their growing technology and as far as we know, they’re getting closer to having nuclear capabilities. Our AI technology isn’t there yet to think by themselves or be threatening whatsoever… That’s just not as threatening as another country threatening to nuke us.

-Andrew Jones, sophomore, business marketing

I think that computers could pose a big threat to job security. Being in the medical field, there’s going to be computers that don’t make human errors. There could end up being problems with job security in the future. I think technology could get out of hand. Depending on what they come up with, it could potentially pose a threat.

-Kelly Strunk, sophomore, nursing