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Student Views- Is Racism Still An Issue In Today’s Society?


Photo credit: Mikaela Conley

Written by: Bernadette BeckerFebruary 17, 2016

100 percent of 30 IPFW students stated that racism is still an issue.

“You think you wouldn’t [have to deal with it ] now,” said Ruby Jacobs, a pre-dental Hygiene Major, explained that she has experienced racism personally since she is dating a black man.

Cicelle Beemon, explained what happens in society today as “quiet racism.”

“We just don’t really see it often here,” said Cy Bentley, a junior with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Physics.

“You still have old school people… Southern values,” said Savannah Johnson, a freshman studying Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

John Hudson, a junior studying Music Technology, has a different take on racism: “[it’s] because people keep bringing it up.”

Political Science and History double major, Sophomore Corey Powers, said that “reverse racism” is more present today with the media hype and affirmative action ideas in society.

Ryan Girardot, a Music Education Junior, said that it is not as much ‘racism’ as it is the internal biases of people; racism gets more notice because it is an bias displayed externally as are racial stereotypes.

Kane Stepnowski, a Computer Science Freshman said, “depends on where you go,” on whether or not racism is present and palpable.