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Summer Does Not Mean Strikeout

Jordan Martin pitches against ORU on April 8.

Photo credit: Aaron Suozzi

Jordan Martin pitches against ORU on April 8.
Written by: Communicator StaffMay 04, 2017

The IPFW baseball season comes to an end the last week of May, but that doesn’t mean the Mastodons are putting down their bats.

“Guys play in summer leagues all over the country,” said Jordan Martin, one of the Fort Wayne Mastodon pitchers. “They are guys who want to play over the summer instead of just sitting on the couch at home.”

Even though Martin said he will not be playing in one this year, since he is a senior graduating in the fall of 2017, he said probably about 70 percent of his teammates will.

In summers past, Martin has participated in the the Ohio Valley Summer Collegiate Baseball League and another in Wyoming.

These leagues typically cost around $500 to $600 for the season, with players participating in over 40 games.

Directly after the IPFW baseball season ends, the summer leagues begin and run through the last week in July.

Martin said it is ultimately the players’ decision whether they join a league over the summer or not, but the Dons’ coaches do encourage them to work out and practice in some form.

However, he feels the team is self-motivated to improve, as he described the 2017 season as “unfulfilling” and “not what they expected.”

The Mastodons had an overall record of 6-35 at the time of publication.

The team lost 15 senior athletes last year and had a lot of young players who had to step up, Martin said.

Although, he said he feels if they continue to practice and work on their skills, the Dons will see a better 2018 season

During the school year, the team practices and plays six days a week with only one day off. Martin said that during the school year, all of the travel combined with the players’ coursework can become quite wearing on an athlete.

Most of the athletes have been playing from a very young age, Martin said. Thus, as players work on their fundamental skills over the summer, he hopes the team will come into the next season stronger.