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Summer Festival Series: The Communicator Goes to Pinestock


Photo credit: Adam Meyer

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 12, 2013

Churubusco based music festival, Pinestock has quickly became a staple late summer fixture of Fort Wayne’s music scene. The all-day music fest, now in its third year, features a dozen great regional acts, an endless supply of beer, and a 30 foot bonfire. A couple contributors for The Communicator were lucky enough to attend the festival, and here is just a taste of what they saw.


Above is Rodeo Ruby Love from Bloomington, IN. They played an early time slot at the festival, but that certainly didn’t stop the sextet from delivering an upbeat set full of pop rock gems. The majority of their set came from the recently released album “The Pits,” which was released on ska group Streetlight Manifesto’s Pentimento Music Company.


Ben Carr and Derek Mauger, both of Fort Wayne psych rock group Heaven’s Gateway Drugs, hang out before their late afternoon set. The scene behind them is what would later become the bonfire.


Bluesy rock & roll group Slow Pokes, followed RRL’s set. The group, led by Pierce Bucher (pictured), played a decent mix of newer songs as well as older fan favorites.


Two festival attendees hang out by the merch tents. Also in the background is Brava’s food truck, which was on hand serving up Brava’s signature brand of gourmet hotdogs.


One of the biggest drawing acts of the festival was Heaven’s Gateway Drugs. Pictured here is Derek Mauger.


Nearly the whole lineup of HGD is pictured here. From left to right is C. Ray Harvey, Josh Elias, Ben Carr, and Derek Mauger. Not pictured is drummer Eric Frank.


Just as awkward rock act Pouncer took the stage, the festival organizers lit the towering 30 foot wooden structure. The fire was an absolute spectacle to behold. The flames where incredibly bright and you could feel the heat from a couple hundred yards away.

Story by: John Small
Images by: Adam Meyer