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Switchfoot Makes Stop in Fort Wayne on Fading West Tour


Photo credit: Switchfoot

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 18, 2013

Fans of the band Switchfoot will be happy to hear that their upcoming tour will include a stop at University of St. Francis’ Performing Arts Center on Oct. 2.

The band’s ninth studio album will be released on Jan. 14 of next year, and “Fading West,” the accompanying film of the same name, chronicles the formation of this album in its early stages.

Tim Foreman, bassist, said, “I think we’ve definitely been on a journey and the journey of the last couple years, making this album and film, is probably one of the more unique journeys that we’ve experienced as a band.”

Rather than performing with an opening band or two, Switchfoot will be treating students who attend the show to a screening of the film and a look at that journey.

“We’ve always felt that the stage is a bit ridiculous and over-hyped, and it’s what happens offstage that’s truly important. So as a band we’ve been really intentional about breaking down the illusion of the stage,” said Foreman.

The band hopes to promote this idea by engaging with the audience through stripped down songs, both old and new, and question and answer sessions with the crowd. The film, with its up-close look at the band from beach to stage, is also part of the new approach to keeping things personal.

“I think it really gave us a unique opportunity to kind of respond to those moments in the music. As a result it really is a great handshake with our new album. [It] lends a visual back drop and tells the stories behind the songs. It’s really fun for us to kind of let people in on where these songs came from,” said Foreman.

Switchfoot has been together for 17 years, and the film gives the audience a glimpse at the brotherhood they have formed through the music, travel and their love of the waves. Much of the film follows their trip around the world, from beach to beach, as they gain inspiration for “Fading West” and get perspective on the duality of the personal and professional lives they lead.

This sentiment is translated into the first few songs Switchfoot released yesterday on their digital “Fading West EP,” a taste of the full album to come early next year.

Tickets for the concert and downloads of the digital EP can be ordered through the band’s website, with ticket prices ranging from $14-35 through Oct. 1, with prices rising at the door.

The “Fading West EP” has already been released digitally, but fans who attend shows along the tour will have a chance to purchase the EP with an extra track. Tim Foreman talked a little bit about each of the songs that fans can look forward to:

“Who We Are”: “It brings a smile to my face every time I hear it, because it really, for me, captures the spirit of being kids when we formed this band and kind of the wide-eyed innocence that we had, setting out to play these songs wherever we could. And we still feel that way today, which I think is pretty special.”

“Love Alone is Worth the Fight”:
“[This] really captures a lot of the heart behind why we do what we do. There’s a few conversations we’ve had recently about the time that we spend away from family and traveling the world to bring these songs of hope around the world and I think you wrestle a lot with the cost and making sure that it’s worth it. For us, what it comes down to, is that when we’re at the end of this journey that we’re on as a band we won’t remember how many tickets we sold or how many awards that we got…it’s going to come down to the relationships that were forged along the way. The motivation should be love for all of the struggles that we face.”

“Ba55”: “[This] is a song that started with a bass groove, so that was actually the working title because it was basically just a song built around bass. And when we finished the song we couldn’t think of a better title than Ba55. And we had just grown to love it. It’s one of my favorite songs on the record. It’s really all about this hypnotic groove that goes throughout.”

“Fading West”: “Funnily enough, [this] is a b-side on the record even though it’s the title track. That’s a song that we’ve had kicking around for about four or five years. It’s almost made it’s way onto a few albums but it just hasn’t quite felt cohesive with the rest of the material, but it’s a song that we love. It just captures the feeling of chasing the sun west.”

Story by: Laura Rosenbaum