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There’s a New Athletic Director on Campus


Photo credit: IPFW

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 11, 2013

IPFW Athletics has a new face representing the Mastodon athletic family. Head volleyball coach Kelley Hartley Hutton took the open athletic director position formerly held by Tommy Bell, who left IPFW to pursue a position at Western Illinois University. Hartley Hutton has been coaching the University’s volleyball program for the past 14 seasons, and served 12 years as senior woman administrator. Although she took the position temporarily, there is a possibility that she will be offered the permanent spot.

Hartley Hutton qualified for the position because she was the associate athletic director for IPFW. She attended the University of Toledo earning a M.S. in sports administration. Hartley Hutton played volleyball for the Rockets, where she was team captain her junior and senior year.

Bill Salyer, Assistant Athletic Director for IPFW says the university chose the “best candidate for that role”. Salyer states that “she’s an incredibly hard worker, and she’s had administrative experience before.”

As athletic director, she does a lot for the athletics department. Daily Hartley Hutton forms a budget and decides where the money is allocated, oversees team schedules and travel arrangements, mediates disputes among athletes and coaches, and represents the university well.

Bringing up the recent budget cuts and what Hartley Hutton would do, Salyer refused to comment.

When Hartley Hutton first took the position, her position as head volleyball coach was being questioned, but she took on both roles. She’s balancing coaching the volleyball team with her full time job as athletic director.

“She’s taken that to a whole different level, she’s been able to keep up with the duties that Tommy Bell had when he was here, and keep up with her coaching duties, without letting either suffer. She’s pulling it off so far” Salyer said.

Having coached a volleyball program for 14 years, some might think she would have a biased opinion for her sport, but Salyer doesn’t feel the same.

“I think it gives her a unique perspective, she sees the coaches side of it a little better than an administrator would”.

Catch her on the sidelines at volleyball games cheering on your fellow Mastodons, or bouncing around from meeting to meeting around Gates Sports Center.

Story by: Rachel Given