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Under a Budget


Photo credit: Sean O'Leary

Written by: Communicator StaffAugust 27, 2014

Logan Hursh

College costs more money than I have. To put it bluntly, I’m broke most of the year. Every weekend I have, if I’m lucky, maybe $40 to spend on myself for fun and, to be very honest, that’s not a lot – not if you want to go out and have dinners and lunches with friends, drinks, cabs rides, etc.

After reviewing my own budget I’ve learned how to allot just enough money for each thing I want to do., I thought I’d be nice and break it down for you folks, too. Here is a list of things to do on $40 budgets that are off IPFW’s campus (because, trust me, if you live on campus you’re going to want to get out every now and then).

With friends.

I have found the best taco joint in all of Fort Wayne. It’s a drive, but totally worth it, down South Clinton to Taqueria Coahuila. The steak tacos average about $1.39 a piece. They are delicious, authentic, cheap and pretty much amazing. I’m a huge lover of steak tacos. I have tried them multiple places here in town and nowhere beats this little dive tacqueria.

  • Average: depends on how many tacos you order.

Sometimes it’s nice just to go on a walk. IPFW has some beautiful trails to walk on that can really help you step up your Instagram photography skills.

Concerts – keep tabs on what’s happening around town and who is going where. I’ve been shocked with the amount of talent that Fort Wayne musicians possess. Fort Wayne has some great local talent. Don’t scoff because it’s not a huge city.

Factor in a possible cover you’re looking at a possible $40 per person

With a date.

Dating can suck. It can suck even more when you’re broke. But, it doesn’t have to. Dates should be fun and stress-free. I find the best dates are super low-key or a little offbeat which is why I’ll include both.

Low-key date: A good record, making dinner and relaxing. It may not feel like you’re doing much, but trust me, sometimes staying in and just doting on the person of your admiration is quite refreshing. Also, cooking together can be a lot of fun. Added bonus: you’re not breaking the bank!

  • Average: $25 for dinner ingredients.

Offbeat:  One of my favorite dates was to a poetry reading. Now, I know not everyone is into poetry, but what I’m getting at is this: If you’re both interested in something, find where that is happening in town and try it out. Do you like art? Go to the art museum. Dates don’t have to be so traditional, in fact the best ones aren’t. Don’t be afraid to get creative and just try new things with an open mind.

  • Average: free – $40.

With yourself.

This costs little to no money, but it isn’t going to be up everyone’s alley. I enjoy strolling through cemeteries. I don’t do this out of a morbid love for death or to perform séances; I go because they are more solitary than parks. Cemeteries are often vacant, peaceful and have some of the most mature trees in cities. In short, they’re beautiful.

  • Average: free.

If cemeteries aren’t up your alley Fort Wayne has some beautiful parks. While you’re there take some music, a book and a notebook to write or draw.

  • Average: free.

Record and bookstores. They are a fountain of endless entertainment and always seem to draw an interesting array of people. I go often to sit, read, drink coffee and people watch.

  • Average: free – $800 depending on how hipster you feel.