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University Unveils New Logo; Students Express Mixed Reviews


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Written by: Communicator StaffJanuary 25, 2018

By: Ben Bailey

The new logo for Purdue University Fort Wayne was officially unveiled during a Jan. 4 news conference.

Along with the new logo, Chancellor Ronald Elsenbaumer also announced that SME, Inc. has been selected to partner with Purdue Fort Wayne to promote and develop the new Purdue University Fort Wayne branding.

SME will focus its branding efforts on capitalizing on the core strengths of the university and conveying a clear and focused message to members of the Purdue University Fort Wayne community, according to a news release.

The response to the new logo on IPFW’s Facebook page was mostly negative. One commenter said, “How creative! Did you really need to hire someone to write ‘FORT WAYNE’ under the existing Purdue logo?? Bold move with the all caps though!”

While some students have stated that the new logo may create a sense of unity with Purdue University, others have argued that the new logo is bland and lacks the character of the IPFW logo.

Bruno Sobotie, a senior computer engineering major, said he was unsure of his feelings toward the new logo.

“The new logo makes us feel like we’re just under Purdue. The old one visualized what the school was about. It feels like we’ve lost our identity as we’ve fallen completely under Purdue. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing,” Sobotie said.

Conversely, Kristina Ponce, a freshman pre-med major, said that she likes the new logo because of its similarities to the logo of Purdue University.

Bailey Kintz, a sophomore nursing major, suggested the new logo could have been a unifying school community project.

“I think that the new logo is kind of boring, considering the amount of talented students we have here in the art department or creative design,” Kintz said. “I think that it would have been a better idea for the university to contact some of the students that are going here and make it more of a community project to create a more creative logo.”