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Video Game Tournament Coming To Walb


Photo credit: James Malcolm

Written by: Colby ShoupFebruary 15, 2017

“League of Legends” IPFW will be hosting its first ever “Overwatch” Winter Classic video game tournament from 5 to 11 p.m. Feb 17 in Walb International Ballroom.

Participants will be divided into eight teams competing in a three game tournament for the first place medal.

The competition was organized by LoL IPFW’s founder and president James Malcolm to bring variety to the club’s schedule.

“We’ve been doing ‘League of Legends’ events for three years now and we’ve moved it to eSports as well,” Malcolm said. “It’s time we finally step out and do a tournament that isn’t ‘League of Legends’ based, something that students can get involved in and play at a competitive level just like we do with ‘LoL.’”

Released last year by Blizzard Entertainment, “Overwatch” is a team based first-person shooter that can be played on Microsoft computers, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game has quickly become popular among gamers and was an obvious choice for an Lol IPFW competition, Malcolm said.

Students who are new to “Overwatch” can come to the event as spectators or play the game non-competitively. All students are welcome to join in on the fun and learn what competitive gaming is all about, Malcolm said.

“People love to play video games,” Malcolm said. “Word spreads pretty quickly that there’s this avenue that students can go to and play video games and compete with fellow students and get free stuff.”

The first annual “Overwatch” Winter Classic is free to attend. Competitors are expected to sign up when they arrive and come early to practice with their teams. Players must be ranked in “Overwatch” before competing and should bring their own Ethernet cables. Free pizza and “Overwatch” posters will be provided to all attendees.