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Winter Workout


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 06, 2014

Mackenzie Billman

When it is warm out, you can usually walk out your door and see people jogging down the street, or maybe, riding their bicycles. Unfortunately, as the winter months hit Indiana, it becomes a lot harder to get the necessary exercise in order to stay healthy. Even with snow and cold air on their way, there are still many things one can do to stay fit during the winter.






The city is teeming with places for exercise. Although some people may not want to pay anything in order to work out, a few gyms are reasonably priced. Membership for the YMCA is $25 a month for full-time students. And anyone could join Planet Fitness for only $10 a month. Additionally, Anytime Fitness is accessible 24 hours a day for $35 a month, a plus for many students with hectic schedules.

A great idea for getting past membership fees all together is to go to the athletic center at IPFW’s main campus. This full functioning work-out facility provides a free way to burn off some calories between classes. The center is free for all students and is open seven days a week.



Dance is another fun way to learn something new while working out. With a great variety of dances open to the public, one can choose to do a relatively unchallenging dance (such as folk dance) or a more demanding one (such as Salsa and Zumba). Zumba is a great way to combine exercise with the fun of dancing. According to Discovery Health, one can burn an average of 310 to 465 calories an hour with this Latin dance. IPFW offers multiple dance classes, including Zumba, for students of all majors.



For anyone who hates the conventional methods of working out, Wii games provide a fun alternative. In an article on HowStuffWorks.com, Mickey DeLorenzo measured how many calories he had lost while doing a six week regimen of Wii games. He calculated that in 15 minutes one could burn 125 calories from Boxing, 92 calories from Tennis or 77 calories from Bowling. This would be a fun way to get your heart rate pumping during the Winter months.



Classes may be stressful. But, yoga isn’t! With yoga, students can learn something new while working out. Hatha yoga is a common form of yoga found in fitness centers. According to Harvard Health, in 30 minutes, a 125 pound person burns an average of 120 calories a 155 pound person burns about 149 calories; and a 185 pound person clocks in at about 178 calories.


It is important not to constrain yourself from getting exercise just because you cannot go outside. You must find new ways to become healthy. These are just a few ways to do so; however, there are so many more ways one can work out indoors and become a healthier individual.



Remember to drink plenty of water and prepare with stretches before any work out. The Communicator encourages you to be healthy, safe, and not to overexert yourself during any workout.