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Women’s Self-defense Class Returns

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 21, 2017

By: Joshua Straley

This fall, IPFW is hoping to breathe new life into student and community safety by introducing a new women’s self-defense course designed to teach women practical techniques to defend themselves in a variety of dangerous scenarios.

The four-week self-defense course, which began Sept. 18, is being taught by clinical psychologist and Krav Maga instructor Meghan Horn. Horn has practiced Krav Maga for six years and passed the Krav Maga Practical Instructor course at the Wingate Institute in Israel.

Krav Maga is a system of Israeli hand-to-hand combat used by Israeli Defense Forces, United States Marines and the British Special Air Service.

Horn’s class will focus on teaching the environments of today’s society, the most typical threats and attacks women face, and physical training in defense and combat techniques.

Horn is the daughter of two military police officers and grew up with an immediate and extended family heavily involved in martial arts and boxing.

“Listening to my father’s stories made me very interested in a more realistic self-defense skill set, versus competitive, sport fighting,” Horn said.

The new Monday night course is being sponsored by the Department of Continuing Studies. The class is a reinvention of the Rape Aggression Defense course that the department has held in previous years.

This year, a decision was made by the department, in consultation with Sheriff Stephen Kimbrough, to alter the course, said Roxanne Kingsbury, Assistant Director of Training Outreach at the department.

Kingsbury said Horn is “more than qualified” and “very knowledgable.”

“I would like to see those attending the class learn confidence in self-defense and how to present themselves in bad situations,” Kingsbury said.